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My Background

I trained as a Massage Therapist at Evolve College in Townsville. I was fortunate to study under the guidance of a practitioner whose health philosophy was in accordance with my views.

The application of his expertise was profound due to a balanced perspective of both his professional experience, and personal health journey. His teachings have translated into my work with positive and transformative results. 

My knowledge basis also includes: Mineral Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy and Acupressure. I utilize these modalities in my treatment to further enhance and support the innate healing capacity of the body. 

Herbal Oils

My Approach

Massage is both a restorative and preventative therapy. Relaxation techniques serve to regulate the nervous system and create a sense of safety in the body. This wholistic treatment reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and also assists with the release of beneficial hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins which assist with pain reduction, anxiety, depression, electrolyte balance, and brain function. My approach never extends to 'force'. I offer a methodology that supports homeostasis through calming the body, reducing muscle strain, and stimulating lymph and blood flow. Modern day stresses cause our bodies to become hyper-adrenalized through the over-stimulation of our nervous systems. Massage Therapy aids in harmonizing our internal states through alleviating muscle and nerve tensions and supporting the self-healing processes of our bodily structures.  

Massage bed
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